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Business Loans

Whether it’s an unexpected expense or you need a loan for a long-term project, we’re here with the money and support you need to be successful.

Business Loans and Lines of Credit

From time-to-time you might need to bring more cash to your business so that you can grow and stay ahead of the game. We’ve been helping local businesses for over 80 years. Today, our bank has $14.2 billion of resources at the ready, to help you with flexible choices.

  • Depending on your needs, we have several different ways to help your business.  Ready to talk with a commercial lender?  Simply select your city and choose an experienced commercial lender located right in your backyard.

    Real estate financing

    Whether you’re expanding your current space or buying that dream building, we are here to help with long-term lending options.

    Equipment financing

    Large or small equipment investments, keeping your business running at its best often means finding the short-term resources to buy the equipment you and your staff needs.

    Business loans

    The personalized service and experience of our loan experts will ensure your loan plan meets the specific needs of your company.

    Lines of credit

    It’s revolving, it’s renewable and it’s reusable. Lines of credit mean you always have cash on hand to meet your changing needs and take your business to a new level.

    Letters of credit

    We also stand behind you when you negotiate and close business deals. Your business partners can rest assured that you have the funds you need to successfully conduct business.

    Our team of passionate professionals understands both business and lending, and is happy to work with you. They share helpful insights and ensure that you get the best rates possible, as well as a loan tailored to meet your needs. We want to help your business grow and run at peak performance.

  • Features


    Take advantage of competitive rates that save you money


    You can opt for short or long-term financing choices


    Partner with a banker with a strong history of lending power


    Have funds working for you and your business quickly

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