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Open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) with Pinnacle Bank to earn a higher return than standard savings accounts. CDs are a stable and safe investment without the worries associated with riskier investment strategies. Plus, when you open a CD at Pinnacle Bank, you’re reinvesting in your community.

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Make your money work for you.

Set aside money you plan to use in the future in a CD today and earn higher returns than keeping it in a traditional savings or checking account.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our CDs are FDIC-Insured up to current limits, meaning you don’t need to worry about whether your invested dollars are safe.

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Unlike the stock market, this investment is insured by the FDIC


Choose your investment amount and time period


Lock in your interest rate and investment term


Just like opening any account with us, we’ll make it simple

Certificates of Deposit and You

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Use CDs to Boost Your Long-Term Savings

CDs offer higher returns with the stability of a guaranteed investment, and when you ladder your CDs, they can offer flexibility of quick cash when you need it.
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  • FDIC - What it Stands for and How it Stands for You

  • Community Banks Make a Big Difference


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