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From humble beginnings comes greatness, like when seeds become a harvested crop.

The same can be said for starting a savings account, even with as little as $100. With our competitive interest rates, you’ll see it grow.

What’s even better about this account is the lack of fees. As long as you maintain a balance of $100 or more, there’s no maintenance fee. If you do fall below the minimum balance, there is a $1 service charge.  There is a $1 service charge for each withdrawal over 6 per month.

This account requires a minimum $100 opening deposit.

Features of PinnSavings

Minimum Balance




Maintenance Fee

None, as long as you maintain the minimum $100 balance

Activity Fee

None, unless you make more than 6 withdraws or transfers each month

Today's Rates

0.86% APY

Rates may vary. These rates are effective as of today's date. Fees may reduce earnings.


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