5 Tips for Using an ATM

Person putting their debit card into an ATM.

ATMs are a great convenience. They’re practically everywhere, giving you access to cash, and sometimes even allowing you to deposit checks and complete other transactions. With all the ease an ATM offers, it’s also important to take a moment to make sure your experience remains hassle-free and safe. Here are our 5 best practices for using the ATM.

Keep Safety in Mind

Use machines that are out in the open and in a busy area, free from shrubbery or dividers that impact visibility. If you need to use an ATM inside and it requires you to slide your card to enter, make sure you enter alone. In addition, beware of anyone trying to “help” you at the ATM. If anything about using an ATM makes you uncomfortable, it’s best to leave and locate another to use. Chances are there is one nearby.

Inspect the ATM

Before inserting your card, examine the ATM for anything out of the ordinary. If the ATM has sticky residue, holes, or pieces move or stick that shouldn’t – find another ATM. A criminal may have placed a skimming device or a hidden camera on the machine to steal card information.

Keep your PIN Protected

Make sure your PIN is memorized. Doing so is much safer than writing it down. Then while using an ATM, shield the keypad while entering your pin.

Quickly Complete Your Transaction

Prepare all your transaction paperwork ahead of time. Make sure to promptly remove your card and cash from the machine as soon as it is released. This will save you time and help you avoid potential mishaps – like the ATM eating your card.

Counting Cash Can Wait

Don’t count your cash at the ATM. Wait until you get to a secure location.


We hope these 5 tips help you continue to enjoy the convenience of using ATMs while staying safe. Remember, Pinnacle Bank offers a vast network of ATMs which are free for Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado customers to use.