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Banks in Osceola, Nebraska

Banks in Osceola Nebraska

Pinnacle Bank isn’t just in Osceola, Nebraska, we're a part of Osceola, Nebraska. Banking has changed a lot over the years, and while we offer the latest conveniences like online banking, mobile banking, free checking and online home loans, there are some things that haven't changed. Like our commitment to knowing your name, answering our phones and treating our customers as neighbors. So, come visit us in person or online to open an account, apply for a loan, apply for a mortgage or for information on Nebraska mortgage rates. Pinnacle Bank has 1 location and 1 ATM serving all of Osceola, Nebraska’s residents. Stop by a branch or call us at 402-747-2251, and we’ll show you why we believe Pinnacle Bank is the best bank in Osceola, Nebraska.

Community Facts

  • Population 874
  • Est. Median House Price $79,300
  • Home of the Polk County Historical Museum
  • John H. Mickey, 13th Governor of Nebraska, lived and died in Osceola and started a bank there in 1879.


Back in 1938, the Great Depression took a toll on the people and the banks in Palmer, Nebraska. So brothers George and Tom Dinsdale, along with some friends, decided to do something. They pulled their resources together to open a bank for their community.

Branch President

Photo of Doug Rathjen

Doug Rathjen

“Doug was raised on a farm west of Ravenna, Nebraska, and has been in the banking industry since 1990. He started with Pinnacle Bank in the summer of 1991 and has been with the Osceola and Shelby branches since 1997.”


Annie Jeffrey Center

In Polk County, tending to patients also means taking care of your family and neighbors. Annie Jeffrey Health Center brings world-class doctors, technology and medical care to this tight-knit community.

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Savings Accounts and Other Services in Osceola, Nebraska

From savings accounts, to interest checking accounts, to debit cards, credit cards and service from helpful bankers who know you by name, Pinnacle Bank is anything but banking as usual.

Mortgages and Home Loans in Osceola, Nebraska

Whether you’re looking to buy or refinance, you can view mortgage rates in Osceola and apply online, or visit on of our branches to start the process. We can help with all types of financial solutions, including VA, FHA, NIFA/rural development and conventional loans. When it comes to rates, we give our customers the best possible terms right up front. There’s no haggling, just good people here to help make the dream of home ownership yours.

Free Checking in Osceola, Nebraska

With no minimum balance and no fees, A Pinnacle Bank free checking account is actually free. Plus, with a long list of features, this is one time when you’ll get far more than you pay for Learn more.