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Close up of four credit cards

Debit Card Protection

Your debit card is protected by eNFACT®, our 24/7 fraud detection software.

How does it work?

If eNFACT identifies uncharacteristic activity on your account, an eNFACT representative working for Pinnacle Bank will call and ask you to confirm the validity of recent transactions. If you indicate any of your transactions are fraudulent, an eNFACT analyst will advise you of the necessary steps to protect your account.

Be sure that your most current contact information is on file with us, including your home and cell phone number, in case we need to reach you. If you are planning to travel, please contact your local branch before you leave. This will ensure the transactions you make while you are away are not mistaken for fraudulent activity, causing restrictions to be placed on your card or transactions denied. To learn more about eNFACT, contact your local branch.