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Business Cash Management

Hopeful start up or booming business, we can help you manage your money.

Zero Balance Account

Who would want to have an account with a zero balance? Actually, it’s really clever. These accounts are designed to reduce the time and costs of banking. They also free up your cash for investments, while taking away the risk of overdrawing an account. Record keeping is simplified, with easy tracking of transfers and reconciliation by crosschecking account numbers on your statements.

A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is designed for businesses that maintain multiple accounts for separate divisions, functions or locations and would like to simplify their cash flow management.

Here’s how it works: Your ZBA maintains a zero balance. At the end of each day, funds are transferred from your main account to your ZBA to cover any debits. If deposits have been made into your ZBA, they are transferred into your main account, consolidating your cash and providing a clear record of where the money came from.

  • Features


    Funds are automatically transferred


    Simplifies investment and funding decisions


    Saves staff time, avoids transfer frees


    Maximizes available cash, reduces risk of overdraft
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