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  • An overview of common loans that most banks offer:


    Auto Loan Used to buy a car. Getting pre-qualified before shopping can help you understand what you can afford. Cash Advances Short-term loans used to cover unexpected expenses. The higher interest rates add up fast if you don’t pay them back

  • Credit scores: Why they are more important than you think and what to do about it


    Your credit score isn’t just for getting loans. It plays a role in how much you pay for cars and homes. Landlords may look at your credit score before deciding to rent to you. Bad credit can cause you to pay more for insurance, cellphone plans,

  • Buying a home: What to consider


    Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make. The average homeowner will be in their home for 13 years 1 . So it’s important to choose a home that you can afford now, and that will contribute to your quality of life for

  • Chip cards: How to be a pro in the check out line


    Chip cards, also known as EMV cards, are the new standard for credit and debit payments. But why do you need them, and how do you make the check out experience go smoothly? Here’s what you need to know: Dip instead of swipe Chips put an end to

  • Fighting fraud: How to identify and protect yourself from scammers


    Protecting your identity can feel like an overwhelming task. But there are a few simple things you can do to avoid becoming a victim. Common scams You’ll find these strategies used in emails, on social media and when shopping online. Someone can’t

  • Re-constructing a community


    Started in the 1940’s, Snyder Construction Company is a fourth-generation run family business that has always been highly involved in building their community. But, in late May of 2011, Snyder construction realized just how important their community

  • Building a 15,000-seat community


    There is something special about an arena. Whether you’re at a concert or a ballgame, you cheer for the same thing at the same time with thousands of people you may not even know. It is an experience that binds you all together, and creates a very

  • You can't buy respect


    Bill’s Volume Sales, Inc. started in a feedlot in 1963. Not too long after that, Bill Pullen started banking with Roy Dinsdale, the founder of Pinnacle Bank. Over the decades, the two businesses have grown together. Today Bill’s Volume Sales offers

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters, big impact


    We are all connected. Sometimes in very obvious ways. And sometimes in ways that aren’t so apparent at first. For instance, Pinnacle Bank has a long-standing relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands. It includes many bank employees

  • The Lifeblood of a Community


    Palmer, Nebraska is the home of the Dinsdale family and the birthplace of Pinnacle Bank. It is a community of about 450. At its center is a K-12 school with about 220 students. Good students. Hard working students. Students that have different