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CD Special

Lake Lotawana CD Special

Start growing your money with our limited-time Certificate of Deposit (CD) Special. 

A CD gives you the opportunity to put your money to work for you and increase your earnings.

We’re offering 1.00% A.P.Y. for six months and 1.75% A.P.Y. for 12 months with a $50,000 minimum deposit.

Take advantage of these special CD rates! Get started in our branch located at 26500 East Colbern Road in Lake Lotawana, MO, or call us at 816.578.4334 to learn more.

Annual Percentage Yield (A.P.Y) is effective through May 31, 2018. Pinnacle Bank reserves the right to limit deposits. No brokered CDs. Penalties may apply for early withdrawal. $50,000 minimum balance required. Offer valid only at Lake Lotawana location.

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