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  • All About eWallets: Your Guide to Using an Electronic Wallet


    What if we never had to deal with losing our wallets or purses again? What if a high-tech lock could keep our pocketbooks sealed tight? What if we didn’t have to replace our lost or stolen cards? What if we could complete all our purchases at the

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Checking Accounts


    After reading these interesting facts, you’ll never think about your checking account the same way again. These days, almost everyone has a checking account. But that’s a very recent development. To appreciate the convenience of modern checking, it

  • How to Avoid Overspending on Holiday Gifts


    These shopping tips will help the holidays feel more like a time of saving. It’s that time of the year where all too often, Americans find themselves with more financial worry than holiday cheer. According to a National Retail Federation’s 2019

  • Setting Up Your Business for Long-Term Success


    We are inundated with news about the ebb and flow of the stock market and the economy. But economic factors aren’t the only ones that impact the success of your business. There are other considerations that are more important and within your control

  • Four Ways Millennials Are Redefining Home Ownership


    The generation that changed everything from dating to retail is at it again. They’re redefining the way Americans live. In doing so, they are changing an experience that is one of the most central elements of American culture — the dream of owning a

  • Avoiding the Latest Scams


    Scammers are continually thinking up new ways to cleverly target people, both online and through offline communications. Last year alone, 47,567 new scams were added to the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker℠. Here’s a quick rundown of today’s

  • Set Yourself Up for Success When Seeking a Business Loan


    Growing your business can be an exciting process, but seeking funding takes more planning than many entrepreneurs realize. You can save yourself some time and headaches by getting these five things right before you start. 1. Define What the Money

  • How to Get the Most from a Remodel.


    If you’re moving into a new house, looking to sell yours, or just thinking about ways to improve your living space, home renovations can seem like a daunting and expensive task. According to HomeAdvisor, the average kitchen remodel in the U.S. costs

  • Your Guide to a Rewarding and Challenging Career that Lets You Make a Difference in Your Community


    From advanced degree holders, to people who just graduated from high school, there are many opportunities to start a career in banking. And there are plenty of reasons why you should consider it. Those who are interested may be able to start in an

  • A Little Preparation Could Help You Buy Your Next Home With Ease


    Your credit score, renter history, debt and income all play a big role in your ability to qualify for a loan. They also impact your interest rate and the amount you will pay in interest on that loan. The earlier you start preparing, the better. Here