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Re-constructing a community


Started in the 1940’s, Snyder Construction Company is a fourth-generation run family business that has always been highly involved in building their community. But, in late May of 2011, Snyder construction realized just how important their community was to them as well.

On May 22 the town of Joplin, Missouri experienced destruction in the shape of an EF5 tornado. The effect of the tornado was pure devastation, as it wiped out entire sections of town, including the Snyder Construction main offices and a large portion of their construction fleet.

At that time, no one understood just how much community matters more than Jim Zerkel, President of Snyder Construction Company.

“There were a lot of businesses that needed help after the tornado to help get people back on their feet, we were in need of such help…fellow contractors even they were on the phone asking: what do you need, what can we do to help?”

With the town left in shambles the community was stronger than ever. They bonded together to clean up and heal. All the while, Snyder Construction has been busy rebuilding their business, as well as the beautiful community that they have impacted for decades. Meet the family behind Snyder Construction.