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Building a 15,000-seat community


There is something special about an arena. Whether you’re at a concert or a ballgame, you cheer for the same thing at the same time with thousands of people you may not even know. It is an experience that binds you all together, and creates a very special sort of community.

For years, a group has been dedicated to building a new, state-of-the-art arena in downtown Lincoln, a place that the Huskers could use for games, and which would draw national acts to Nebraska.

This autumn, their hard work paid off, when the Pinnacle Bank Arena opened with a sold out Michael Bublé concert.

When it came time to name the arena, Pinnacle Bank, and the Dinsdale family saw an opportunity to become a permanent part of the monumental project. Stepping in would help keep this project on target and on budget—something that would be good for the city of Lincoln and the state of Nebraska.

This is community involvement on the largest scale. And it has impacted all of downtown Lincoln. As Pinnacle Bank President Mark Hesser put it:

"This arena is a catalyst for the growth of the Haymarket District.  We knew there would be an additional investment in the community once this arena got built, but we’re over $80 million of investment on top of the arena being built out here down Canopy Street."

We filmed many of the people who helped create the new arena for our Community Matters Series.